Try to imagine prioritizing the human side on projects to a point of designing a chair that helps the user to breathe. This is one of many innovations in Aalto’s work, a Finnish architect and designer, and one of the most relevant names of the Scandinavian modern design.

One of his first projects was the Paimio Sanatorium for tuberculosis building. As a natural extension of his architecture, he also designed the furniture, including one of his masterpieces — the 41 armchair, also known as Paimio Chair. The angle of the back of this furniture helps the user breathe, which aligns with the purpose of treating the patients. 💡 Another legacy Aalto has left us, was the bending technique developed for plywood, resulting in an ergonomic and fluid design.

Aalto also counted on an essential partnership: his wife Aino, who was Artek’s co-founder. Aino was also an architect and responsible for many of the furniture and objects now recognized as Aalto’s work. Home accessories as the iconic Savoy Vase are also on the list of the couple’s creations.

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